TSGLI Telangana Government Life Insurance Scheme Complete Guide

TSGLI Telangana Government Life Insurance Scheme Complete Guide

TSGLI TS Government Life Insurance Scheme Complete Guide TSGLI / TSGLI History T.S.G.L.I Rules Eligibility details age limit rate of subscription slab rates  Policy nature and maturity how to apply TSGLI new policy or enhancement policy application forms missing credits letters proforma statement download Telangana TSGLI Bonds TSGLI Premium Amount TSGLI amount Claim in case of Death (R-32)& Foreign Employees Claim Required documents in case death how to claim TSGLI amount while retirement Loans from A.P.G.L.I.(R-45) & Rate of Interest Departmental Delegation Of Powers Audit of Accounts & Exemptions

Aim of Scheme :-

  1. 1.    To ensure protection for the families of the deceased Govt. employees and to augment their resource at the time of retirement. 
  2. 2.    The Policies are exempted from attachment of the court of law as well as Govt. dues, except the arrears of premium or loan etc.,

TSGLI Policy Eligibility:

  1. 1.    Compulsory to All State Govt. Employees
  2. 2.    Extended to employees of PR institutions ( G.O.Ms.No.212, F&P(Fin.Wing Accts.II) Dept.,Dt.17.12.97)
  3. 3.    Extended to Municipal employees / teachers except to GHMC, GVMC, VMC employees vide ( G.O.Ms.No.25, Fin.(Admn.II), Dt.03.03.11)
  4. 4.     Re-Employed Pensioners and Employees governed by the Factories Act are not eligible.
  5. 5.     Condition of requirement of 1 year of service to subscribe to this scheme is removed w.e.f. Dt.01.08.13. ( G.O.Ms.No.199, Fin.(Admn.II) Dept., Dt.30.07.13)

TSGLI Telangana Government Life Insurance Scheme Complete Guide

Age limit:

  1. 1.    Age of 21 to 53 years as on date of submission of proposal of new subscription or enhancement w.e.f. Dt.17.02.11. ( G.O.Ms.No.16, Fin.(Admn.II),Dt.17.02.11)

Rate of subscription

  1. 1.    At the time introduction of the scheme the rate of subscription is of
  2. 4% of the basic pay for Gaz.Officers & N.G.O.s
  3. Rs:4-00 to the class-IV, irrespective of their salary.
  4. 2.    Slab Rates were introduced (as per RPS-1993) w.e.f. 31-12-1994
  5. (G.O.Ms.No.368 F&P (FW.Accts-II) Dept,dt;15-11-1994)
  6. 3.    New Slab Rates as per GO 36 Dated 05.03.2016 TSGLI New Rates 2016 TSGLI Enhanced Slab Rates PRC 2015
Existing Slab Rates (Pay Slabs)
Monthly Premium (Rs.)
Revised Slab Rates (Pay Slabs)
Monthly Premium (Rs.)
Pay from Rs. 6700 to Rs. 8440
Pay from Rs. 13000 to Rs. 16400
Pay from Rs. 8441 to Rs. 10900
Pay from Rs. 16401 to Rs. 21230
Pay from Rs. 10901 to Rs. 14860
Pay from Rs. 21231 to Rs. 28940
Pay from Rs. 14861 to Rs. 18030
Pay from Rs. 28941 to Rs. 35120
Pay from Rs. 18031 to Rs. 25600
Pay from Rs. 35121 to Rs. 49870
Pay from Rs. 25601 and above
Pay from Rs. 49871 and above


Policy Nature & Maturity

  1. 1.    The contribution to this fund allowed to the extent of 20% of the basic pay. If a policy holder is permanently disabled while in service he is exempted upto Rs: 30/- p.m. by producing a certificate from the competent medical officer to the extent.
  2. 2.    From and after 04-08-1964 there is only one kind of policy namely Endowment Insurance is in operation , which matures on the age of 58 years. (Rule-6)
  3. 3.    But, due to decrease of superannuation from 58 to 55 years from 1-3-1983 to 22-8-1984, the policy matured at the age of 55 years only (Go.Ms.No.254 F&P Dt:27-09-1988)
  4. 4.    Any subscriber aggrieved with the Director, he may appeal to the Finance Dept. and their decision is final. ( Rule-10)

Remittance of Premiums:

  1. 1.    The premium is recovered at source in the salary bills of the employees and the details are sent through schedules.
  2. 2.    The employees whose salaries are not paid through Treasury/PAO and who have to pay the premium through Challan have to credit the premium to the below head of the account.
Major Head 8011 – Insurance and Pension Funds.
Minor Head 105 – State Government Insurance Fund.
Sub Head 01 – Andhra Pradesh State Government Life Insurance Fund.
3.    The department service major head and also DDO code should
be quoted in the Challan.

Loans from A.P.G.L.I.(R-45) & Rate of Interest

  1. 1.    Loan may be sanction up to 90% of the surrender value or the accumulation balance includes bonus.
  2. 2.    Recovery in 12 EMI minimum and maximum 48. In case of house loans the max. EMI is allow up to 60.(R-46)
  3. 3.    The rate of interest is one percent over and above the rate allow by the Govt.(R-48)
  4. 4.    Only Simple Interest of 9% per annum is charged against loans sanctioned.
  5. 5.    After Principal only, interest will be recovered. (R-49)
  6. 6.    In case of misuse of loan, balance of outstanding loan will be recover with interest.(Rule-50)
Click Here for Complete TSGLI /TSGLI Loan Rules /Application Form

TSGLI Policy Important Instructions 

  1. 1.    The TSGLI policies do not lapse.
  2. 2.    TSGLI Premium is exempted from income tax under Section 80C.
  3. 3.    In case of maturity of the policy, the total Sum Assured and Bonus till Date of Maturity are paid to the policy holder.
  4. 4.    If the Policy Holder ceases to be Government servant, and decides to surrender the policy by discontinuing the payment of Premium, the subscriber will be paid the Surrender Value and the eligible Bonus.
  5. 5.    In case of Death of policy holder before maturity of the policy, the full Sum Assured along with Bonus till date of death are paid to the legal heirs. 

Departmental Delegation Of Powers:

Issue of Policies without any monetary limit : AD(DIO)
Sanction of Loans Upto Rs.50,000          : AD
                            Above Rs.50,000         : JD
Settlement of Claims upto Rs.1,00,000   : AD
                                 Above Rs.1,00,000 : JD
( G.O.Ms.No.21, Fin.(Admn.II), Dt.21.01.13)

Audit of Accounts & Exemptions

  1. 1.    Every year the A.G. will audit the accounts and submit a report to the Govt. of the progress of the fund position of the previous year. (Rule-12)
  2. 2.    If the beneficiary is a minor the insurance amount shall be made to the guardian as declared by the civil court.(Rule-14)
  3. 3.    No suit or action lie against the Director of Insurance or any other officer under these rules.(Rule-17)
TSGLI AP Government Life Insurance Scheme Complete Guide TSGLI AP Government Life Insurance Scheme Complete Guide


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